Glamping Escape


It was a dreary day in October when the wonderful party planner David Curtis asked us how we felt about catering for his Client’s three-day fiftieth birthday “glamping festival” at their property in… South of France.

The thought of staging a multi-day July event in the warm countryside around Toulouse was enough to get us hugely excited. Subsequently meeting the lovely Client – and knowing that David would be assembling best-in-class design and production and the most skilled and loveliest team around us truly sealed the deal.

Based on the Client’s vision for the event, the team set to work and created luscious bespoke menus inspired by the South of France’s incredible local seasonal produce, enough to fill three whole days with deliciousness. From buffet brunch, to picnic lunch, afternoon tea by the pool, and a luxurious-yet-light gala sharing feast including canapes, sharing dishes and late-night bites - every element had a custom menu to suit all 125 guests.

When all possible planning had been done from the UK, trucks, planes and vans were packed, and crew and chefs and made their way to France.

Once across the pond Team The Food Initiative’s language skills were a huge asset and we were totally delighted to be able to source all amazing ingredients from local, hand-picked suppliers around Toulouse.

The days leading up to, and the event itself could not have been a more wonderful experience. Despite relentless 36-degree heat, Mr Curtis’ spectacular team of contractors pulled off an incredible feat, and guests easily moved from their luxurious glamping tents to the swimming pool, yoga classes, cocktail bars, gala dinner in a custom-built themed marquee, and a very, very lively dance floor.

An exceptional experience from start to finish, for guests and team alike. What more can you ask for?


  • Location: South of France, private property

  • Guests: 125 adults & children

  • Event type: 3-day birthday glamping festival with gala dinner

  • Menu highlights:

    - Shakshuka breakfast station
    - Picnic: hot smoked salmon, beetroot, pickled red cabbage, watercress & dill mayo on toasted brioche
    - Canape: SEA BREAM, salsa verde & pickled cucumber
    - Sharing starter: burrata, cherry tomatoes, basil & sherry vinegar
    - Main: poussin, preserved lemon, honey & olive oil
    - Dessert: lemon cream, chewy meringues, fresh raspberries & raspberry coulis
    - Midnight snack: sourdough cheese toasties with cider & horseradish grain mustard

  • Organiser: David Curtis Events

  • Site management: Trevor Hyland

  • Catering & hire: The Food Initiative

  • Front of house staffing: Splendid

  • Event porters: Hundred Strong

  • Set design and flowers: Julian Carter Designs

  • Bar: Holy Water

  • Glamping: Hotel Bell Tent

  • Entertainment: Sharky & George

  • Lighting/sound: Effectevent

  • Security: Nice & Secure

  • Photography: A. Lloyd Photography

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“I have worked with Mark Jankel for many years with both Street Kitchen and now with The Food Initiative. I have recently returned from France where we worked together on a three day festival for a 50th Birthday.

An absolute joy to work with, his creativity and attention to detail are second to none and the food was delicious, sourcing all ingredients from local suppliers throughout the region. I have never worked with a chef and his team where not one raised voice was heard over six days in a field kitchen in the Gers in 35 degree heat!”